Which Rug Materials Require the Most Repair?

collages of silk, viscose linen and cotton rugs

One of the best ways to decorate your home is using a rug. But, only buying one is not the end of the story. The comfort piece requires a minimum but a certain level of attention and maintenance from the user for the expected result. However, before buying it a user should also get some idea about the respective rugs so that the best experience is ensured.

One of them would be about the durability of rugs. We have discussed in this article which rug materials require the most repair. We hope this information will help you to choose the most suitable rug for you. So, let's read on.


Rug Materials that Require the Most Repair

Silk rugs: To take the appearance of your home to another level silk rugs are a perfect choice. This gorgeous rug is famous for its distinct look, versatility, high quality, and other attributes. It's also known for its durability. However, to retain that the user has to be careful. This floor cover material loses its strength and integrity if placed in a high-traffic area or comes into contact with moisture. Therefore, a big possibility is there of wearing and tearing.

Viscose rugs: Unlike cotton or wool rugs these are quite fragile. Stain can easily settle on it with the presence of water, pet waste, and other materials and compromise the appearance. The cost-effective and versatile rug shouldn't be in contact with the sunlight for a long time. Cleaning this rug is also challenging and any mistake can cause damage to it.

Linen rugs : It's one of the rugs that need more frequent repairing than most other materials. They are delicate and get wrinkles naturally. Any sharp or rough object can easily cause a tear in it. Dry cleaning is a better option for this type of rug because bleaching or shampooing can make that lose biodegradable properties or cause shrinking or expansion.

Cotton rugs: The rug can survive minimum wear and tear and is comparatively more sustainable than silk and linen rugs. But, obviously, it's less durable than wool and synthetic rugs. Placing the rug in a high-traffic area isn't a good choice. Also, cleaning the rug in the wrong way can cause damage to it.

Which Are the Most Durable Rug Materials?

Nylon rug

Nylon rugs

Nylon rugs has the ability to bounce back the compactions on them. These are also stain-resistant, and easy to clean. However, the quality of these rugs varies with the type.

Wool rugs

Not only durable but also easy to maintain are the two main reasons wool rugs have been a popular choice for householders. The rugs are fire retardant easy to clean, comfortable, and come in various styles.
Wool rug
Polypropylene rug


Because of the durability, stain, humidity, and mold & mildew resistance polypropylene rugs can be usable both in indoor and outdoor settings or the high-traffic areas. You don't have to care about the maintenance if you buy this rug.

Sisal rugs

Besides being durable rug sisal rugs work as a great water-absorbent and humidifier. Vacuuming is quite effective in keeping it clean and fresh. Also, the maintenance is easy. The strong fiber mat doesn't need frequent repair at all.
Sisal rug

What to Consider Before Choosing the Rug?

To get the benefits of choosing the right rug is crucial. And, for that, several factors need to be checked at the time of buying. Normally, the rugs with longer durability don't get the wearing and tearing problem. If you have pets and children in your home, the possibility is high that your rug will get dirty easily. Stain resistance is also a considerable point in that case. Pick your rug according to its potential placement considering conditions like high traffic, sunlight, etc. Apart from that, the size of the rugs and using the rug underlays properly also prevent damage to the rug that requires repair.

Maintenance Tips to Prevent Rug Damages

 collages of damaged rug

Vacuuming: Regular vacuuming can prevent rug damage. For high-traffic areas twice a week cleaning by this process is recommendable.

Act fast: In case the rug is dirty, the cleaning shouldn't be delayed. Make sure you are using the right elements. Any mistake can cause damage to the fibers. For deep cleaning call for professional help.

Placing: The placing of the rugs is also important. Rugs can be harmed in many ways- furniture weight, liquid spills apart from pet waste, dirt and debris, sunlight, etc. Keeping them away from them can secure the rug.

Flipping and trimming: Flipping the rugs occasionally and trimming can also be helpful.

Professional cleaning: Contact an expert if you find the stains are stubborn. Also, don't take the chance by DIY method especially if your rugs are delicate.

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Timely repair can restore the lost integrity of a rug. If the damaging process is halted in advance, it becomes easy to avoid the trouble and expense of repairing. Considering that, one must go for the rug material that isn't in the least risk of being damaged. When it comes to professional cleaning and repairing, Heirloom® Rug Cleaning can help you with the best services. We have a well-trained service team equipped with state-of-the-art equipment & facilities. if you are a resident of Calgary, EdmontonRed Deer, and other nearby service areas reach us online.

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