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Rugs are not merely decorative accents but functional elements that contribute to the overall ambiance of our living spaces. Routine cleaning is paramount for maintaining their vibrancy, comfort, and longevity. For an in-depth overview of rug cleaning and keeping your rugs looking fresh and inviting, keep reading.

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Why Our Rug Cleaning in Medicine Hat & Airdrie?

Rug cleaning is not just about aesthetics. It's a key component of maintaining a healthy living environment. Rugs accumulate dust, allergens, and pollutants over time and impact indoor air quality. Routine cleaning by any professional helps remove these particles and contributes to a cleaner and healthier home. It also helps address spills promptly and minimize the risk of stains.

Our Professional Rug Cleaning Overview in Lethbridge

Professional rug cleaning involves a systematic and thorough approach to ensure optimal results. Here's an overview of the steps typically taken by professionals:

Pre-Inspection: Before cleaning, professionals assess the rug's condition, identify any specific issues, and determine the appropriate cleaning method based on the material and construction.

Dust & Dry Soil Removal: Dry soil removal is a crucial first step. Professionals use specialized equipment such as a rug duster to remove embedded dust and dry soil from the rug's fibers.

Pre-Treatment for Stains: They conduct pre-treatment for stains with appropriate solutions based on the type of stain and the rug's material. This ensures better stain removal during the cleaning process.

Cleaning Method Selection: Professionals choose the appropriate cleaning method, which may include steam cleaning, dry cleaning, or a combination of methods, depending on the rug's material and condition.

Cleaning Process: They apply the chosen cleaning method using professional-grade equipment and cleaning solutions. This process effectively removes dirt, stains, and odors from the rug.

Rinsing & Extraction: They rinse the rug thoroughly to remove any residual cleaning solutions. Extraction equipment is used to remove excess water. It ensures efficient drying and prevents mold growth.

Drying: Proper drying is crucial to prevent mold and mildew. Professionals use controlled drying environments or specialized equipment to expedite the drying process.

Grooming & Finishing: After drying, they groom the rug to restore its pile and appearance. Any remaining stains or spots are addressed, and the rug undergoes a final inspection.

Protective Treatments: Professionals may offer optional protective treatments, such as stain repellents or mothproofing, to enhance the rug's resilience against future stains and damage.

Final Inspection: Lastly, professionals conduct a final inspection to ensure that the cleaning results meet quality standards. Any remaining issues are addressed, and the rug is ready for return to its designated space.

Trust Heirloom® Rug Cleaning for Your Rug Cleaning Needs in Edmonton

Heirloom® Rug Cleaning has the expertise to meet your rug cleaning needs. Since 1967, we have been assisting homeowners and business owners in Calgary, EdmontonRed Deer, and other areas nearby with specialized area rug cleaning services.

From specialized cleaning techniques to premium solutions, we guarantee a thorough and effective cleaning process. Contact us to preserve the vibrancy, longevity, and overall health of your oriental, antique, Turkish, Persian, silk, or other rugs.

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  • 5 Stars

Highly recommended! I had an oriental rug that had been used in a public setting for 25 years and had only ever been cleaned on-site. It wasn't needed any more so I decided to try to get it cleaned properly so I could take it home. They did a fabulous job of cleaning and repair (new fringe and binding), so worth the cost, it now looks new.

  • 5 Stars

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value We had a very good experience with Greg at Heirloom Rug Cleaning. We mistakenly used an improper cleaning solution on our wool rug and he was willing to take on the job.

  • 5 Stars

I absolutely loved how clean my rugs were after Heirloom Oriental Rug Cleaning had them. My two very expensive silk on silk carpets are so soft and the colours are so vibrant now!

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