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Since 1967, Heirloom® Rug Cleaning has provided the most effective rug cleaning, washing, and rinsing process to restore the beauty and freshness to your favorite area rugs. Your rugs accumulate dirt, stains, and odors over time, diminishing their appeal and your indoor air quality.

We provide comprehensive cleaning solutions to make rugs fresh, vibrant, and allergen-free again. Our rug cleaning process ensures the best rug clean, wash and rinse in CalgaryRed DeerMedicine Hat, and more cities across Alberta. Call us today at 587-857-5553 or contact us online to consult with an Heirloom® Rug Cleaning expert.

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Why Heirloom® For Rug Clean, Wash & Rinse in Lake Louise?

Turn to Heirloom® Rug Cleaning when your dirty or dingy area rugs need a superior rug clean, wash and rinse. Our process gives your rug the following:

  • Improved appearance: Regular cleaning and washing of rugs help maintain their vibrant colors and patterns, keeping them looking fresh and beautiful.
  • Extended rug life: Dust, debris, and dirt particles can settle deep within the rug fibers and cause abrasion as people walk on them. Over time, this can lead to wear and tear, reducing the lifespan of the rug. Proper cleaning and rinsing can help remove these abrasive particles, extending the rug's life.
  • Allergen removal: Rugs can trap allergens like dust mites, pollen, pet dander, and other particles that may lead to allergies and respiratory issues. Regular cleaning and washing can effectively remove these allergens, creating a healthier indoor environment.
  • Better air quality: As rugs are cleaned, dust and allergens are removed from their fibers, leading to improved indoor air quality. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with asthma or allergies.
  • Revived Fiber Quality: Cleaning and gentle washing methods help preserve the integrity of the rug's fibers. Harsh chemicals or improper cleaning techniques can damage the fibers and reduce the rug's overall quality.

Rely on Heirloom® for Rug Clean, Wash, and Rinse in Red Deer

Need an affordable area rug cleaning, wash, and rinse option? Don’t fear when Heirloom® Rug Cleaning is here. We are ready provide complete satisfaction and best results for your rug cleaning or repairs. Call 587-857-5553 or contact us online to book an appointment with an Heirloom® Rug Cleaning® specialist.

Read What Our Customers Say

  • 5 Stars

Highly recommended! I had an oriental rug that had been used in a public setting for 25 years and had only ever been cleaned on-site. It wasn't needed any more so I decided to try to get it cleaned properly so I could take it home. They did a fabulous job of cleaning and repair (new fringe and binding), so worth the cost, it now looks new.

  • 5 Stars

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value We had a very good experience with Greg at Heirloom Rug Cleaning. We mistakenly used an improper cleaning solution on our wool rug and he was willing to take on the job.

  • 5 Stars

I absolutely loved how clean my rugs were after Heirloom Oriental Rug Cleaning had them. My two very expensive silk on silk carpets are so soft and the colours are so vibrant now!

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