Natural Fiber Rugs Cleaning in Edmonton, Calgary & Alberta

It's essential to get your natural fiber rug cleaned by a professional when it comes to cleaning. When it's time for rug cleaning rely on Heirloom® Rug Cleaning for the most professional natural fiber rug cleaning service.

Many homeowners choose natural fiber rugs as their first option. Natural fibers are sturdy but soft, and they look lovely in any type of property. Natural fiber rugs can survive for many years with the proper maintenance. For the right maintenance, homeowners in Edmonton, Calgary, Medicine Hut, Red Deer, Brooks, and other nearby cities, choose our cleaning service without hesitation. You can also get our professional service by contacting us online or simply a phone call at 587-857-5553.

Why Choose Professional Rug Cleaning?

While regular vacuuming and spot cleaning can help maintain the appearance of your natural fiber rugs, they may require deeper cleaning to remove embedded dirt, stains, allergens, and odors. Our professional rug cleaning is highly recommended for the following reasons:

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  • Preserving Fiber Integrity: Natural fibers are sensitive to excessive moisture and harsh cleaning agents. Our expert cleaners have the knowledge and experience to determine the most suitable cleaning method for each specific type of rug fiber, ensuring that the fibers are not damaged or weakened during the cleaning process.
  • Dirt and Stain Removal: Over time, dirt, dust, and stains can become deeply embedded in the fibers of natural rugs, making them difficult to remove with regular cleaning methods. For this reason, we use specialized equipment and techniques to extract dirt particles and treat stubborn stains effectively, restoring the rug's original color and texture.
  • Odor Elimination: Natural fiber rugs can absorb and retain odors, such as pet smells or food spills, which can be challenging to eliminate completely. Our effective cleaning methods, such as steam cleaning or dry cleaning, can effectively neutralize odors, leaving your rugs fresh and pleasant.
  • Allergen and Dust Mite Removal: Natural fiber rugs can trap allergens, dust mites, and other microscopic particles, which can trigger allergies and respiratory issues. Our cleaning service can help to eliminate these allergens, creating a healthier indoor environment, particularly for individuals with sensitivities or allergies.

Contact Heirloom® Rug Cleaning for Your Natural Fiber Rugs

A good investment in cleaning can help to extend the life of your natural fiber rug, maintain its attractiveness, and safeguard your health. We at Heirloom® Rug Cleaning will ensure your the proper rug cleaning service for your area rugs. We also provide rug repair services for our customers. The rug professionals at Heirloom® Rug Cleaning are available across Alberta. Make sure to call us at 587-857-5553.

Read What Our Customers Say

  • 5 Stars

Highly recommended! I had an oriental rug that had been used in a public setting for 25 years and had only ever been cleaned on-site. It wasn't needed any more so I decided to try to get it cleaned properly so I could take it home. They did a fabulous job of cleaning and repair (new fringe and binding), so worth the cost, it now looks new.

  • 5 Stars

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value We had a very good experience with Greg at Heirloom Rug Cleaning. We mistakenly used an improper cleaning solution on our wool rug and he was willing to take on the job.

  • 5 Stars

I absolutely loved how clean my rugs were after Heirloom Oriental Rug Cleaning had them. My two very expensive silk on silk carpets are so soft and the colours are so vibrant now!

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