Specialized Care for Extra Large Rug Cleaning and Repair

Rug enhances the beauty and comfort of your home remarkably. However, the comfort pieces require minimum maintenance so that their integrity remains uncompromised. Responding to issues with the rugs such as dirt to defects in the fibers is not easily fixable and effective every time by the DIY method. Things become complicated when the rug size is increased.

In this article, we have discussed specialized care for extra-large rug cleaning and repair. So, if you are wondering about the services of your big-sized rug, the read may give an idea of how things would be taken care of at the time of cleaning or repairing. 

Why Extra Large Rug Cleaning or Repair Requires Expert's Intervention?

Taking help from a professional is always recommended. Larger rugs require that along with extra facility support for the reasons below.

Expertise and tool support: Larger-sized rugs are more difficult to work with. Because of the weight the pre-cleaning preparation, and carrying are not easier. The regular equipment may not be feasible to cover the rug cleaning in that case. For fixing the defects in the rug by weaving, patching, sergeing, etc. special expertise is also necessary.

Drying time: It's normal that larger rugs will take longer time to dry up after cleaning. If that is not properly managed the delay in the drying can trigger the infestation of pests in the comfort pieces like molds and mildew. That won't be a good experience for the user nor good for the integrity of the rugs.

Using deep cleaning methods like submersion cleaning, mothproofing, rug underlay cleaning, rug appraisal, etc. will be beneficial for the retention of the quality of the rugs.

Things That Are Considered for Using with Extra Large Rugs

Since the care of a rug begins at home the rug owner should notice certain matters. Vacuuming is an important part of rug maintenance. Because of the broader surface, the possibility remains that some spots will be missed because of their size while vacuuming. In those cases, different sections can be marked to ensure even vacuuming. Totating to 180 degrees the sides of the rugs will also be wise in a couple of months.

Though rugs don't get affected at once the liquid spills fall on their surface, it's always recommended to do the spot cleaning. By doing that you will be able to avoid tough and stubborn stains. Make sure that you talk to an expert if you are going to do it for the first time and choose the cleaning chemical wisely. To prevent slipping of the large rugs you can use rug underlays beneath. That will not only protect the rug but also the floor from damage by scratch.

How Often the Large Rug Should Be Cleaned?

The cleaning interval will depend on different factors like the severity of dirt on its surface, foot traffic, number of pets in the house, the rug type, etc. However, it would be better to do the cleaning of the rugs between 12 to 24 months besides regular vacuuming.

Will the Repair Cost Be Higher for Larger Rugs?

Yes, the cost will increase with the increase in the rug size. The severity of the damage will be also another factor the expense will depend on. The time for rug repair also will vary on how large the rug is.

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