Rug Cleaning: Vacuuming VS Professional

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No one wants their favorite rug to be defective. But, the fact is the comfort piece is vulnerable due to different reasons. It can be liquid spills, pet waste, high traffic, sunrays, etc. Rug cleaning plays a vital role in minimizing these matters' effects on the rug, retaining the design and comfort, and, most importantly expanding the lifespan.

Rug cleaning can be done in both a personal approach and a professional way. For house owners vacuuming is a common practice in this task. However, the necessity and effectiveness of rug cleaning are variable depending on different factors. In this article, we discussed vacuuming vs professional rug cleaning which will give you a clear idea of that.


Rug Cleaning by Vacuuming

One doesn't have to do much for vacuuming the rugs. If possible pick a vacuum cleaner that's adjustable. Shake off the dust on it at first. Remember, not all rugs can be cleaned in the same way by vacuuming. So, know about your rug before doing the job. Set your technique according to that.

For woven rugs use the direction to a perpendicular angle and start vacuuming as vacuuming. Following the direction against both piles can cause damage or make the work tough.

While washing the tufted rugs check for patches or cracks in the rug. Vacuum gently if you notice any of them. Find the pile and go with the brush against it if any resistance is felt.

Vacuuming the flat weave rugs doesn't require any direction for vacuuming. However, you have to vacuum both sides.

For those rugs that are made of fur or sheepskin use a brush to loosen the dirt on them. It would be safe for the antique or older rugs if the vacuum is not done against them.

Professional Rug Cleaning Process

In the professional rug cleaning process the rugs are taken to the cleaning facility. Then the specialists identify the rug type and assess the damage and stains on it. It helps to determine what would be the safer rug cleaning method for the rugs. After that dusting is done to eliminate the debris, and dirt from it. Rug cleaning, washing, and rinsing is the next process to bring back the beauty and design of the rugs.

Here actually the rug cleaning process ends. But, there is more to go before it comes back to the user's hand. Proper drying is ensured so that molds and other pests don't grow on its fiber. Rug combing and brushing after that make the rugs soft and vibrant. At last, fringe grooming is applied as the finishing touch before going for delivery. Some steps may vary but most of the steps are similar for every company.

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Vacuuming VS Professional Rug Cleaning

Vacuuming rugs is a convenient way to maintain the rug's quality. It can be done by anyone, anytime which is cost-effective. The ideal interval is once or twice a week. However, for deep cleaning, it would be neither a good idea nor effective. Rather, harm can be occurred to the rugs.

On the other hand, professional cleaning extracts stubborn dirt from the fibers. That not only restores its new look but also retains the indoor air quality by removing odor. Since that also prevents the infestation of pests on the rug's surface, the surrounding environment also remains healthy. This rug cleaning is expensive but not required more than once in 1 or 2 years.

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Professional rug cleaning isn't something you do very often. On the other hand, vacuuming your rugs is a regular practice. But, if you don't get the expected outcomes from any of them, all the money and time is wasted. So, contact your nearby experts for professional services for valuable suggestions. We are only a phone call away to help you with our rug services.Our state-of-the-art equipment & facility with professional expertise will provide the ultimate experience with your rug. To reach us online fill up the service request form. Drop-off, pick-up & shipping options are available with our services across EdmontonCalgaryRed Deer, and other service areas. Get help from the family business that has been in the industry since 1967. Feel free to dial


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