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Heirloom Oriental Rug Cleaning Ltd. is pleased to be offering rug-washing equipment. The wringers can be used in conjunction with hand washing as well as machine washing. The benefits of using a wringer include reduced drying time and less chance of bleeding. Rugs enter the wringer completely saturated but after being wrung out they do not even drip after hanging them up. Also, less detailing after drying, a reduction in utilities such as heating and electricity used to run fans and de-hu’s. All of these contribute to a reduction in costs. We also build drying towers for hanging area rugs up after cleaning for assisted drying. We have several basic units and can build a custom tower to your requirements.

Equipment Leasing Tailored For Your Needs

The Wolverine

Introducing the latest in portable rug dusting technology …




CENTRUM FORCE™ is proud to introduce the world’s first “Dual Port” rug wringing Centrifuge with an 18″ diameter 13′ cylinder!




Drying Tower

The drying towers are an essential part of any rug washing operation. Hanging the rugs after washing will speed the drying process.




Dusting Machines

The Rug Duster is an essential tool for the serious rug cleaning facility. Removal of dry soil makes all other cleaning procedures much easier.




Quick Racks

The “Quick Racks” are the perfect addition to the rug cleaner that has limited space. If you need a professional way of hanging your rugs after cleaning but can’t afford, or don’t have room for the larger drying towers, the “Quick Racks” are the answer.



Wash Tubs

Introducing the gentle, velocity appropriate, paddle wheel Centrum Star Wash Tub.




Consulting Services –

If you are in the rug washing industry you know that occasionally there are rugs that can have issues
that are hard to deal with. Bleeding, shrinkage, stain removal etc. Please feel free to contact us about
any rug issues that you may have. Or, if you are thinking about setting up a rug washing facility, please
call and talk to us about your needs. We have helped many companies, large and small, set up and
grow their business. We will be happy to help you too.

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