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Pet Urine & Odour Removal

pet urine & odor removal calgary abOne of the things that we come across the most is pet stains and odours. Many times the rug will dictate how well the stains will come out. Good quality wool or silk and especially good dyes are an asset when accidents happen.

Let’s start out by talking about pet urine odour. A brief explanation of what happens may help you understand why pet odours can be so difficult to remove. What makes up urine? Most of it is uric acid. But it also contains other things like urochrome or, yellow pigment. Many of the contents of urine are affected by what the animal ate and the overall health of the animal. The warm acid is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, and that starts to flourish rightaway. The uric acid begins getting broken down into ammonia and carbon dioxide. Ammonia is highly alkaline. As a matter of fact it is quite often higher than a ph of 11. Wool should never be exposed to more than about an 8 and a half on the ph scale. A ph that high starts damaging the wool. This is partly why the stains do not come out very easily. The wool has been damaged by the urine as it dries. Then factor in the pigments in the urine. This can also be affected by what the animal has been eating. Was the animal sick, taking medication or eating something that they should not have been eating. Our diet affects us, so it is reasonable for their diet to affect them. This high ph also damages the dyes and can make them completely unstable. I have had rugs that were colourfast in all areas except where the urine affected the rug. Nothing would stabilize the dyes. Sometimes what appears to be a urine stain, may actually be colour loss. That can not be corrected by cleaning. As the acidic urine reacts with the ammonia that is being created, it will form alkaline salt crystals. These salts will absorb moisture from the air and they will remain active. As long as the salts are active, they will produce ammonia gas. This is why when you clean a rug or carpet, the odour that was mostly unnoticeable now becomes very noticeable.

One of the other things that makes up urine odour is the bacteria that is flourishing. A warm dark place gives an abundance of a food supply.

To remedy the odour, we have tried several things over the years and were never happy with the results. We came across a chemist who understood what was necessary to treat fine rugs and how to get rid of the odour. With trials and some fine tuning we came up with a winner. We now label it under the name U-Turn. It de-natures the urine and all of the bacteria. In combination with our rug washing process, we can remove the odour in almost every rug. It even works on skunk!

Cat urine is a completely different make up and many times will require applications of more than one product to eliminate the odour.

As for the yellow stain left behind, there are many factors that affect whether it will come out or not. Usually with synthetic carpets, we can remove the stain due to several factors. The dyes in synthetic carpets are usually stable and colourfast. We can also use higher ph products that will strip away the yellow pigments, without damage to the synthetic fibres. But wool is much more sensitive and cannot be exposed to the higher ph without damage. We do have products that can be used on wool, but they have limited success. The sooner you get to the stain, the better the results will be. One of the best things you can do is to rinse the spot with just water. If you have a small vacuum that can suck up water, that is best. It is well worth the investment to have one of these little shop vacs. Many small units are available for under $50. The vacuum will do better than blotting and will help reduce damage by scrubbing by hand to attempt removing the stain, which is a common panic reaction when this type of accident is discovered. Be careful not to over wet the rug and also be aware of your hardwood flooring as it can also be damaged by the urine and the procedures that you take to remedy the situation.

The best thing that you can do when this happens is to call us. We can give you advice and best of all, we can usually fix the problem of pet odours.

Pet Accidents Pet Accidents Pet Accidents
Pet Accidents Pet Accidents Pet Accidents
A dog was very ill from one end of this rug to the
other and even the back of the rug was affected. (click on images to enlarge)
Pet Accident After
Pet Accident After
Pet Accident After
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